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By now you are probably aware that Discover Pubs provides a complete Digital Content Package, at no additional charge, every time you mail a custom publication. This content includes two custom articles, several custom call-to-action images, a digital edition of the paper (flip-book style, with active links), a featured listing piece, and other custom content.

Many agents already knew exactly what to do with it, and some who did not took advantage of our free training. But we were struggling to help our agents who didn’t know how to use the content and also didn’t have time for a lengthly training call.

In response we put together this video tutorial, which takes less than 10 minutes to watch and is intended for all skill levels. In it, we’ll walk you through best practices for posting, sharing, and emailing the digital content we provide to you as well as some general advice on digital marketing. So, if you’ve got some digital content and need help, we hope you find this video useful.

In addition to watching this video, please review our in-depth article on what’s included in your Digital Content Package and detailed instructions on how to use it: Digital Content Package Instructions

Please contact us with your questions and comments – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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