Here it is, our top marketing memes of the month, chosen by the team at Discover Pubs.

Memes generate a good laugh, but they can also allow us to walk a day in each other’s shoes and experience the good and bad of our daily professions. As for marketing professionals, from the moment we sit down to our computers to the point that we think it’s time to leave, but can’t see the time through our strained eyes – we are creating and sending content through emails, social media, blogs and everything-in-between.

For the next few minutes give your eyes some relief, or hop into a set of your marketing friend’s shoes and enjoy our 21 favorite marketing memes of the month.


Or do they?


But, they want to grow their following?


campaign + strategy = results



It looks a little like this.


And, this.



Oh yeah, and this.


The essence of email marketing, and when it finally comes along …

100? More like …


consider us the online version of Oprah. And please, feel free to click through.



And, it wasn’t even incentivized.


After creating the pop-up form for lead information.


What we’d like to happen after sending “please fill out the form below,”


what actually happens.


When you get those leads, keep ’em clean, aka semi-annual CRM verification.


So, when you send links to your leads – this happens.


Only to be followed up by this.


Then, this – because anything will go viral, right?


We can dream (but, please refer to #1, #2, #3).


Level 10 accuracy (aka: please share this post).


But then, after tomorrow, it finally happens …


time to celebrate.


And, keep it classy.


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