Kerby and Cristina Skurat

Our two main goals were to increase profit and establish market dominance. Discover Publications made it possible for us to do both of those things.”

Kerby and Cristina Skurat are real estate agents serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area

Dedicate their services to impacting every facet of their client’s lives through real estate

In 2011, the team sold 60 homes. In 2012, they joined RE/ MAX Results and they sold 121 homes. In 2013, they sold 192 homes. And in 2014, they sold over 265 homes, which gets them closer and closer to their yearly goal of 300 homes sold

In 2013, the team was fortunate to earn a spot in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. They also received the Diamond Club Award and the Top 3 RE/MAX team recognition in 2013 & 2014

The Problem:

  • Direct Response Marketing with Postcards Wasn’t Effective Enough
  • Farming with postcards. That was Kerby and Cristina’s primary marketing strategy. Farming was fairly profitable, and they covered a wide geographic area with their mailings. However, this type of direct response marketing simply wasn’t effective enough.
  • Kerby and Cristina wanted to establish market dominance and increase profit in a way that farming with postcards couldn’t achieve. Additionally, they knew that postcards weren’t the right tool for building a trusted organization.
  • To make matters worse, their message was getting diluted because many other real estate agents in the area were utilizing the same marketing tactics.
  • They needed a more unique, more effective and more profitable marketing tool.


  •  Customized, direct mail neighborhood newspapers (custom publications)
  •  Target consumer interest
  •  Provide reliable market information to thousands of leads and customers
  •  Gain awareness from the local community through informative and engaging publications

“That’s when he asked me if I’d ever heard of Discover Publications. I told him to tell me more.”

What Kerby found out was that he could distribute a full-color, 12-page newspaper for just six cents more than what he was paying for each postcard.

That’s when he knew a customized direct mail newspaper created by Discover Publications was the marketing tool the team could rely on to meet the needs of their business.

The Results

Click to learn more about how every $1 Kerby and Cristina spend on their custom direct mail publication earns them $4 back in net profit.


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