We All Need Memes

Memes aren’t just for tweens. They’re regularly created, shared, and posted by everyone from musicians to suburban moms, from big brands and major politicians to local pastors and small business owners. Heck, even some of the most sophisticated and savvy real estate agents we know love the fine art of the Meme.

And memes go far beyond the public sphere. How often do you text or receive a good meme from your spouse or a fellow real estate agent, as a show of support or commiseration? We need these moments to help us recover from that impossible client, lowball appraisal, or comically nit-picky inspector. But can they actually teach us something?

Although comic relief reigns in the meme arena, it’s not infrequent to stumble upon a real pearl of wisdom. When it comes to direct mail and content marketing, this is true when created by people immersed in – perhaps fed up with – these painful activities. For anyone over the age of 23, it hearkens back to a time when the same truisms were transmitted from speech-to-ear, perhaps in person… “back in the day.”

Regardless, real estate agents hunkered down in the tedium of content marketing and direct mail need a good meme once in a while. These images can keep important principles top of mind, reassure that the hard work is worthwhile, or simply provoke a laugh when it’s needed most. So whatever it is about marketing memes that you appreciate, we hope you enjoy our top 20 picks to kickstart a spectacular new decade.

Our 20 Favorite Content Marketing & Direct Mail Memes


We’re almost as emotionally desperate to know as he is…


Ever tried doing your direct mail, blogging, Facebook, and emailing by yourself? Danger must be your middle name.


As this man’s toned achievements illustrate – there is no time like the present to whip your marketing, and the results it brings, into shape!


We get it. We’re sick of the phrase too… (just don’t judge how often we’ve used it)


Here at Discover we’re the Leader in Thought Leadership Tools to generate Thought Leadership in the Thoughts of those who Think about Leadership…


Yes, the phrase “Thought Leadership” is overused. But, there’s a payoff – over time, with frequent and consistent effective marketing.


No content? Are you cereal? Quit kitten around.


Well… yes. (But we can help!)


If this was still even a question – there’s that guy.


So Expertizing. Such top-of-mindness.


Should Discover roll out a music video product? Agents could sing about how great they are! Vote today.


And you won’t… stop… calling me! I-AM-NOT-SELLING-MY-HOUSE-RIGHT-NOW! Takeaway: market, nurture, follow up; but don’t harass.


Touché, Sir. Touché. As do we. And we don’t work with every agent; but when we do, we prefer to do all the work for them.


Otherwise, why even have a blog! (BTW, we have a full service digital content marketing package  available after you publish your second paper; an easy way to get 4 custom blogs posted for you every month!)


Chuck Norris doesn’t just mail things. He Direct Mails things.


That’s right! Consistent mailing is the key to effectiveness; but if it’s too much for Paul Blart, he can register for the National Do Not Mail list.


Wait for it…


So true. This cat-trepreneur hasn’t met the turnkey folks at Discover Publications!


Don’t do that.


Our founder learned this the hard way. That’s why he quit real estate and started a Direct Mail Marketing company.

No Laughing Matter

If you find yourself nodding along with these memes, chances are your content marketing and direct mail farming efforts are overwhelming. While it’s good to vent those frustrations, it’s anything but funny when you’re in the thick of it.

Thankfully, there’s an easier way: Discover’s turnkey publications. Try us out, and the next time you get a meme of an agent bawling in the fetal position that says “DIY Marketer,” you will shake your head and say, “Not anymore!”