The Exact Articles & Items 9 Top Agents are Publishing Right Now

During this unprecedented time, our most experienced and successful clients are looking for opportunity. They’re determined to connect with their farms on a deeper level than ever before, and to position themselves as the go-to expert during this crisis. When the spike comes, they want to capture all the listings. We obtained permission to share what they’re doing.

Here’s exactly how they’re capturing leads and taking a leadership role. 

As you watch these videos, think about how you can apply these messages in your own marketing channels.

1. Jordan Matin; a top Luxury agent in Oregon

Key take-away: publish in-depth, precise information about what sellers need to know, as well as what their opportunities may be. Address concerns head-on.

2. Eric & Joyce Peterson; a high-volume team in Texas

Key take-away: host a webinar for the market, and drive people to register by advertising your session front-and-center on your marketing. Provide additional resources and guidance, such as our custom-branded Guide for Homeowners.

3. Goran & Lisa Forss; a large, top-producing team in Southern California

Key take-away: deliver a personal message to your farm. Explain how you are operating, how you can help, and the ways you are giving back to and serving your community. Encourage your prospects to get involved, too.

4. Adam Cothes, a top agent in Washington State

Key take-away: even if your market is a Coronavirus hot-spot, you can and should deliver a message of hope and opportunity. Share detailed success stories.

5. David Watkins, a top Luxury agent in Calabasas, California

Key take-away: tune in to the exact concerns your market has. In luxury markets, it may be about stock market volatility and its impact on real estate; in other markets, it may simply be about whether or not it’s a good time to sell.

 6. Jay & Becky Patel, a top team in Arizona

Key take-away: address concerns and questions about Coronavirus in your market, and provide an educational asset (such as the Homeowner Preparedness Guide that Discover is producing for agents free of charge). Use these assets as a Call to Action in your marketing to grow your database and deepen relationships in your farm.


 7. Robert Antoniadis, a top agent in San Diego

Key take-away: don’t be afraid to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Prospects are looking for hope, but they also need real guidance to weather this storm. Balance opportunity with whatever the cold, hard facts are in your specific market.

8. Mary Sunderman, a top agent in Ohio

Key take-away: if you have vendors participating in your marketing (or Advertisers in your publication), get them involved in your effort to educate and inform the market. This will help position both you and your vendor as experts and leaders.

9. Sheri Spirek, a top producer with Jay Macklin’s group in Arizona

Key take-away: keep your content focused on the major upheaval faced by everyone. Articles about planning a Graduation party, for example, are tone-deaf. Lean in to your service providers (like Discover) for relevant content; Sheri published four relevant articles about coping with COVID (and similar subjects) on the back of her paper, without having to write them.

Message Matters, and so does Marketing!

Right now, during this short window, it’s important for agents to be everywhere. Spread your messages of information, guidance, and hope through all the channels you have. For a limited time, to assist agents in this effort, Discover is providing free full-service digital content marketing with every paper. This includes 4 blogs, 8 social posts, and 4 emails, all with custom, local information about Coronavirus and the Real Estate market.

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