Real estate veterans may remember that long ago direct mail was THE marketing option. But then the Internet happened, and everything changed.

So, if you began selling homes after the tech boom (or if you went all-digital a while ago), you may be uncertain about direct mail. After all, a mailer can’t attach a cookie or provide analytics. But in spite of that, does it work?

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Yes, it works, and when we understand why it works, our entire strategy can be improved. Unlike digital marketing, people aren’t hesitant to engage with it. It doesn’t make noise, require complicated steps, or follow people on the internet. For these and other reasons, direct mail has an 81% engagement rate. That’s 400% better than email, and 4,000% better than paid search.

Take a look at our report for more about direct mail. And feel free to call anytime; we’ve been doing real estate marketing for 27 years, and love talking shop!