Visual Content Strategy

Have you heard of Visual Content Strategy, or multi-platform content sharing?  Let us explain this integrative strategy and how to implement it in your marketing next month.    The point of visual content strategy is to gain as much traction and interaction with one piece of content as possible … Read more about Visual Content Strategy

Kerby and Cristina Skurat

The Problem: Direct response marketing with postcards wasn't effective enough.The Solution: Kerby and Cristina switched to customized, direct mail newspapers.Click to learn more about how every $1 Kerby and Cristina spend on their custom direct mail publication earns them $4 back in net … Read more about Kerby and Cristina Skurat

Dale Ross

The Problem: Traditional real estate marketing tactics weren't providing adequate Return on Investment. The Solution: 12-page customized direct mail publicationsRead Dale Ross' case study and learn how Discover Publications helped him get more leads and achieve 10x ROI. … Read more about Dale Ross