Ashley Leigh

With our custom publication from Discover, we can personalize our approach to our readership and circulation, write articles about our market. We have plenty of space to get our message across.” Ashley Leigh is the founder of Linton Hall Realtors, serving the Linton Hall corridor in Prince … Read more about Ashley Leigh

Kerby and Cristina Skurat

Our two main goals were to increase profit and establish market dominance. Discover Publications made it possible for us to do both of those things.” Kerby and Cristina Skurat are real estate agents serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area Dedicate their services to impacting every facet of … Read more about Kerby and Cristina Skurat

Dale Ross

One of the first lessons I learned back in 1981 when I started my career was that if I have all the listings, I’ll have all the sales.” Dale Ross is a real estate agent serving the the Greater Houston, Texas area. His career as a premier Realtor began in the Houston and Katy areas in 1981. … Read more about Dale Ross

Dave Friedman

I track actual sales from the paper over spend. I get 4 to 5 times ROI per issue.” Dave heads up Dave Friedman Real Estate, one of the top teams in the Charleston, South Carolina area • Dave was voted 2014 Best Realtor in Charleston • Dave and his team have consistently ranked in the top 1% … Read more about Dave Friedman