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New Clients: Selecting Your Neighborhoods

The following link will take you to an interactive USPS mapping tool. This is intended for use while on the phone with Discover, for set-up purposes.

Please Note: Discover Does Not Mail EDDM

Your Discover direct mail is sent with a premium (better than EDDM) bulk mail postage class. Here’s why:

  • Homeowners’ names can appear on your mail, versus “Postal Customer” with EDDM
  • Your mail is prioritized and tracked with a non-EDDM permit
  • Your postcards cost less, they aren’t giant per EDDM specs
  • You can exclude apartments with Discover’s permit, but not with EDDM

The postage rate shown on the following tool is for EDDM and does not apply. Your postage is Carrier Route, and is already included in your package price.

Use this tool with your Discover Publications representative to select homes – knowing that the postage and EDDM references do not apply.

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