What parts of my paper are customized to me?

The following sections are customized for you: both covers (typically with a local article, calls to action, listings/recent solds, and your branding), page 3 (with stats and another local article), 4 large “Call to Action” boxes inside, 1 banner-style ad, and a Featured Home section on page 10. All these “custom areas” include unlimited design and customization. We also personalize an “Ask the Agent” column for you on page 4, but that is not considered a “custom area.”

What changes, additions, or extra customizations can I do?

If you want make excessive adjustments outside of the “custom areas” (see above question), a fee of $250 or $400 will apply. We discourage overboard customization, because it often results in delayed marketing. Our layout is constantly reviewed and tweaked by marketing experts, using all the powerful elements that have worked for our most successful clients over the years. Trust the program, and don’t over-think it.

I want a 100% local paper, how can I do that?

(Ahhh!) No, please don’t. We’ve had many agents attempt this over the years, only to market inconsistently and give up in frustration. Technically, you can pay an extra $400 in Full Custom fees, write and collect several articles, or pay hundreds more each month purchasing more content. The bottom line: it isn’t worth it. It isn’t worth your time or extra money.

Where do the articles in my paper come from?

Discover provides all your content, including hyper-local articles. We write two articles for you, in your name, in every publication. We personalize your “Ask the Agent” and provide articles from award-winning syndicates on topics like real estate, finance, home improvement, and travel. We also provide Wolfgang Puck recipes, puzzles, and other content.

What do I need to provide for my first paper?

For your first paper, we need your logo, headshot, company contact information, and some additional items as determined on our setup call. Your designer will work with you to create “Calls to Action” throughout the paper that typically recur in future editions (though you may change them anytime). During setup, we’ll discuss your company, brand, market, and goals, and put together a checklist tailored to your publication.

What do I need to provide for ongoing editions?

Most agents choose to provide listings/recent solds and market stats. Technically, for ongoing papers you do not need to provide anything more than those updated materials; we complete your entire paper for you with professional content of the highest standards.

Will my paper be used as a sample in Discover’s marketing and sales?

Possibly; samples of clients’ papers are the best way for other agents to visualize our product and make an informed decision. We send samples to any agent interested in receiving them, and we also use digital samples on our website, blog posts, emails, or sales activities. This is detailed in our Terms & Conditions, but if you are opposed to that, let us know. We’ll honor your request.

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