How does territory exclusivity work?

You are guaranteed exclusive territory rights to each and every Carrier Route you mail your paper to, as long as you maintain your mailings at least every 60 days (or by special exception). If you mail to 1/3 or more of any Zip Code, you will lock up the entire Zip Code.

How can I lock up a whole Zip Code?

You can get exclusive rights to an entire Zip Code by mailing to at least 1/3 of the Zip Code at least once every 60 days.

What if another agent hand-delivers a publication in MY territory?

We restrict this in our Terms & Conditions. And to prevent it, we do not sell orders of printed papers only, and we do not allow clients to purchase more than 500 copies of their paper per every 2,500 they mail out. Any agent who hand delivers papers in another agent’s farm will no longer be allowed to purchase any office copies nor to mail to any custom list, and may be prohibited from purchasing altogether.

Can I mail to some past clients that might live in another agent’s territory?

You can mail to your list of past clients, as long as it truly is a house list and not a purchased list of addresses. We do allow for a small margin of error for market cross-over. Most agents have about 200-500 names on their sphere lists, and these addresses are typically spread across the country. The occasional cross-over will happen, but not to the degree that it affects results.

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