Will I get copies of my paper sent to my office?

Yes! We’ll send at least 50 free copies to you each time you mail, and you can buy more for only $0.50 each plus shipping (limit 500 office copies per 2,500 mailed copies).

Why do you send extra copies of my paper to my office?

These are great for use at listing appointments, for including in prospecting/sales packets (“Your home will be featured here!”), and for leaving in small stacks at businesses local homeowners tend to frequent.

Can I just get my papers printed and shipped to me, so I can hand deliver them?

No; office-copy-only orders cannot be fulfilled. We do this to make sure no other agent will hand-deliver publications into your exclusive territory (yes, it’s happened!). Clients may order no more than 500 office copies per 2,500 mailed copies.

Can I put my papers in newspaper stands around town?

Yes, but you’ll still be required to mail the majority of your papers directly to homes. You may order a maximum of 500 office copies per 2,500 mailed copies. But beware: newsstands reach broad, hit-and-miss audiences (apartment dwellers, visitors, assisted living residents, students, etc), and the readership is inconsistent at best. And you will need to source, pay for, and continuously stock your newsstands without Discover’s assistance, and be aware that there are often strict regulations that can change frequently. The publications you see in newsstands are usually ad revenue vehicles, so navigating the process may make sense for them but not for you. It’s better to drop small stacks off at local businesses – this is fairly easy, spreads your brand a bit, and forges great relationships with local business owners.

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