Do I have to sign a contract?

No, we do not require a contract binding you to purchase a fixed number of editions, but we do require agreement to our Terms and Conditions.

I’m ready to go! How do I get started?

Easy! After all your questions are answered we’ll have you complete our simple online form, where you will reserve your territory, place a $150 deposit, and agree to our terms in a single step. Shortly after you submit this form, we’ll schedule a one-time setup call with you.

How do I set up and mail my first publication?

Your account manager will conduct a setup call with you and then introduce you to your designer. You’ll work directly with your designer on your paper. Simply approve each paper via email, pay your invoice online, and we’ll alert you when we need materials for your next edition.

What do I have to do every time I mail a paper?

(1) Send in your listings, current market stats (optional) and topic selections for your custom articles
(2) Approve your proof
(3) Pay your bill online. We do everything else, from writing and design to printing and mailing.

How much time will I have to spend on my papers?

After the first set-up edition, you may spend 15–30 minutes per paper in order to send us your listings, approve your proof, and pay your bill. We provide all the content except your listings, including custom-written hyper-local articles in your name, and we design it cover to cover for you. If you want to spend additional time working with your designer or providing additional custom content, you can, but most agents leave the legwork to Discover.

How often is my paper mailed?

That’s up to you! Most agents plan to go 10 months per year on average (with most choosing monthly and some bi-monthly). We recommend no more than 60 days lapse between mailings. Quarterly mailings are generally ineffective because too much time passes between touchpoints, but we do have some quarterly clients who fill the off-months with other forms of direct mail.

How long does it take to design and mail each paper?

It’s a surprisingly fast process. Once we have your materials, Discover designs, prints, and delivers your paper to the USPS in 3-5 business days total. Depending on your location, the papers will be delivered within 1-2 weeks, but the USPS technically has up to 30 days to deliver bulk mail. On average, it only takes about 2-3 weeks from the time we receive a client’s listings to the time homeowners receive a finished paper in the mailbox.

How do you keep my publications on schedule?

During setup, we’ll put together a calendar (and you can adjust it later if needed). Two weeks before each paper’s scheduled print date, you’ll be alerted to provide your listings or other materials. Consistency is key to effectiveness; here at Discover we help make sure you never miss a mailing because we know that means you could be losing listing opportunities.

How do I pay for my papers?

Each publication must be paid in full before it can be printed. You will receive an email invoice for each paper. You can pay online with a credit/debit card, set up ACH bank withdrawals, or mail a check or money order (must arrive before we can print). Or, you can set up “Auto-pay” with your card or bank account, and your payment will be processed upon approval of your proofs. Discounts are available if you would like to pre-pay for three or more publications.

What happens if I don’t complete a publication?

Clients are not obligated to complete or purchase any publications. However, your $150 deposit is non-refundable and your Zip Codes are released if your first publication is not mailed within 60 days. Design time fees may apply if you begin a paper and don’t finish it. For more details, see our Terms and Conditions.

How can I farm on a limited budget?

Several ways! Consider a Fast Track Edition, which costs less. You can further reduce cost with our Advertising Program (most clients save 15-30%), with our prepayment discounts, or with our deep discounts for mailing at higher quantities. For example, you could stretch out your farming and hit 5,000 homes bi-monthly for less than the cost of 2,500 homes monthly. Your account manager can custom-build a plan for you that will get the best results for your budget.

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