Do I have to buy or send in a mailing list?

No! Simply pick out your carrier routes from our online maps (we’ll walk you through it). At no cost to you, we will purchase a list based on your selections, and we will verify and scrub the addresses. Discover Publications is your full service, turn-key marketing partner.

Does my paper go to apartments, businesses, or mobile homes?

Discover removes all apartments, businesses, and mobile homes from your mailing list. You can optionally choose to include these properties by letting your account manager know.

Can I send my paper to a targeted list, such as the leads I get from Remine/SmartZip?

We can mail to any special list, however you must provide the list and the cost goes up by $0.26 per address (added postage). Very few of our clients do this. Most agents farm to build brand awareness throughout a whole geography, in the months and years leading up to a listing. Remine/SmartZip can provide powerful insights for prospecting once a seller is ready, and if they know and trust your brand. Special Mailing is excellent, however, for referrals by staying in close contact with your client database.

Can I send my paper to my sphere of influence / past clients?

Yes! Many agents add their past client / SOI list to their mailings. Simply provide your list to Discover. The cost is your regular per-unit rate plus $0.26 for extra postage. Please note, if your sphere list has fewer than 200 addresses, the additional cost rises to $0.98 for First Class postage.

What if my papers don’t get delivered?

Discover partners with the USPS to mail your publications. We send you a Postal Verification once we deliver your papers to the post office. Once your papers are printed and we verify USPS receipt, our service has been provided and it is the USPS’s responsibility to deliver your publications. If your paper does not appear to be arriving in mailboxes within a few weeks of the Postal Verification, contact us and we’ll open an investigation. Over the last 25 years, 98.2% of orders were delivered within the timeframe. In the unlikely event that a problem does arise, we’ll work through our channels at the USPS to help resolve it.

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