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This online publishing order and $150 deposit will secure your Zip Code(s) for 60 days. Your publishing order is not a contract and does not obligate you to farm with us. This deposit only needs to be made one time, and will be applied to your first order. If you reserve your territory and choose not to publish, your deposit is not refundable*.

Reserve with peace of mind.

If you submit a Zip Code that is taken, we will promptly refund your deposit (unless you choose an alternative zip).


* The $150 deposit which accompanies this form is non-refundable, unless all Zip Code(s) selected are unavailable at the time this form is submitted, and a refund is requested within seven (7) business days. Submitting this form guarantees your reservation of the above listed Zip Code(s), so long as the Zip Code(s) are available at the time of submission, until: a period of 60 days, Carrier Route finalization, OR notice of intent to not purchase (whichever occurs first). Territory exclusivity then applies per our Exclusivity Policy. This form is a Publishing Order as described in the Terms and Conditions; a Publishing Order does not require the purchase of any products or services at Discover Publications, nor does it guarantee any pricing for any length of time.

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