Snapchat Marketing for Real Estate

It’s 2016 - the age of technology, and now what many are calling the age of Snapchat marketing. Today there are so many gadgets, techniques, and social media platforms used to connect with your prospective clients, that you're left wondering which … Read more about Snapchat Marketing for Real Estate

Top 21 Favorite Marketing Memes of the Month

Here it is, our top marketing memes of the month, chosen by the team at Discover Pubs. Memes generate a good laugh, but they can also allow us to walk a day in each other's shoes and experience the good and bad of our daily professions. As for … Read more about Top 21 Favorite Marketing Memes of the Month

The Power of Staging

Are you ever face to face in a Wild West standoff with your competition? Of course not, but it probably feels that way sometimes. We know it’s important to continually work to get a leg up. One powerful and often overlooked way to do this is through … Read more about The Power of Staging

Visual Content Strategy

Have you heard of Visual Content Strategy, or multi-platform content sharing?  Let us explain this integrative strategy and how to implement it in your marketing next month.    The point of visual content strategy is to gain as much traction and … Read more about Visual Content Strategy