What our clients are saying

David Brenton, Indianapolis, IN

“We get calls from our free market analysis offer, our free moving truck, sometimes on homes for sale. Callers reference that they know we are a big name in the area and always have solds and signs up plus they see that reinforced by the solds in our paper.
We are surprised by the number of people who call about the personal articles. A mom called to thank us for recognizing the hard work the kids did for the Riley Dance marathon last issue. People call to check in on Spencer after the article about Riley.
Callers will ask for specific team members based on their bios.
They like knowing we are real people. They like knowing that we live and work in their community. And they like that we have proven results.”

Samantha Villarreal, VP of Operations The Dale Ross Realty Group, Katy, TX

“30% of our closings are a result of the newspaper and over 45% are past clients and referrals. So that is where 75% of our business comes from. Once we close a deal we add the client to the newspaper so we continue to get in front of them.
When we receive calls from people they say, “We love Dale’s articles and all The information about our subdivision [the charts he provides].”
So I would say it is a combination of the charts and the information he shares in the articles that is getting us those results.”

Mike Tristani Broker/Owner San Diego, CA

“My newspaper reminds people of my presence in the neighborhood. I do get a fair amount of listings because they see me every other month as well as with other direct mail on the odd months, so I am always in front of them…Local articles stimulate calls and emails, mostly because of the content.”

Russell Shaw Realty One Group Phoenix, AZ

“I think it is our front page articles that create the biggest impact.”