Pricing is Simple, All-Inclusive, and Unbeatable

I have been a client of Discover Publications for over 10 years. I am very pleased with their marketing expertise. I definitely recommend Discover Publications to anyone who is looking to boost their exposure.” -David Watkins, Top Performing Luxury Agent

    $1,750 MO
    2500 HOMES
    • Add $0.52 per extra Home
    • ALL listed Package Features (below)
    • 4 Publication mailings/yr
    • 8 Postcard mailings/yr
    • 3-4/mo Blogs, (1-2 by Discover, 2 from you)
    • 3-4/mo Marketing Emails (1-2 using Discover content)
    • 5+/mo Social Media Posts
    • 2/mo Add'l Articles, Blogs, & Emails for $185/mo
    • More Homes:

    • 5,000 | $2,850 + $0.47/Extra Home
    • 7,500 | $3,900 + $0.45/Extra Home
    • 10,000 | $4,900 + $0.44/Extra Home
    • 15,000+ Special Pricing!
    $1,950 MO
    2500 HOMES
    • Add $0.55 per EXTRA HOME
    • ALL listed Package Features (Below)
    • 6 Publication mailings/yr
    • 6 Postcard mailings/yr
    • 4/mo Blogs (2 by Discover, 2 from you)
    • 4/mo Marketing Emails (2 using Discover content)
    • 6+/mo Social Media Posts
    • Add'l Article, Blog, & Email for $95/mo
    • More Homes:

    • 5,000 | $3,100 + $0.51/Extra Home
    • 7,500 | $4,200 + $0.49/Extra Home
    • 10,000 | $5,200 + $0.47/Extra Home
    • 15,000+ Special Pricing

Powerful, Custom Content
Strategically Deployed

Personalized 12-page publication, mailed (postage paid!) to 1000s of homeowners. Award-winning content, custom articles and features, and more. On Non-Pub months, a Custom Postcard is mailed

Custom Blog, attached to your site and updated with your articles and features

Smart Lead Capture, including a Custom Survey, Direct Mail Call Tracking, an Opt-in Email Campaign with $5 Lead Gift Cards

Social Media Posts, up to 4 Content Posts monthly, Plus 2 Promo, 2 Curated, and more across up to 5 of your accounts

Content Email Marketing, leveraging your articles and features, with special emails sent to “Warm” Leads at the right time

“Hot Lead” Email Alerts, based on how Leads engage with your website, emails, social posts, and tracking numbers (using their “Discover Engagement Score”)

Search Ranking Improvement, with our DiscoverMe! Reputation Builder. A $119 monthly service, included free. Monthly Updates, Repair, and Review Generation on about 70 Search and Profile sites, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yelp

A Team of Experts
Dedicated to Your Success

Crazy Easy. Each month, we simply need a few items and approvals from you, that’s it. You’re in control, but we do all the work

Monthly Consultation, and Comprehensive 4-page Traction Report, with a Dedicated Pro

Ad Sales Program, included in your package. We sell Pub Ads on your behalf to your Partners, and pass on 100% of the proceeds. We even handle the design and billing!

Real-time Access, with our easy to use Client Portal. View results, submit materials, and approve your proofs in one convenient place. You can also track Calls, Emails, Web Traffic, view upcoming Publication content, and more

150% ROI, Guaranteed. Most Clients break even fast, and achieve 150% ROI (on average) by their sixth Publication. If you don’t, and you want to stop, you won’t owe a penny more. We’ll take the loss on your set-up costs, refund any remaining pre-paid balances, and cancel your contract, guaranteed.

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