How the Broker-Owner of Platinum Living Realty used a 12-page publication to build his business

Years ago, Jay Macklin decided to do something no other agent in his area was doing: publish a 12-page real estate paper and send it to every home in his farm.

Recently, Jay conducted a mastermind for the 100 or so agents on his team, where he shared his publication and talked about getting vendor support, locking up a territory, and more. Click below to watch the video.

Jay was already very successful real estate agent when he came to Discover; he was looking for a way to further amplify his brand and to take the leap from market-share to market domination.

Jay heard about Discover Publications from his coach and other top agents in his circle. Although it wasn’t the cheapest way to market, it was unlike anything else out there. But how time consuming would it be? Could his vendors pitch in and share the cost? And most importantly, would it work? Because Discover does all the work, it took Jay almost no time to put his publications together. And for Jay, the answers to the next two questions were a resounding “yes.”

Many years later, Jay went on to become one of the top real estate agents in the country. He is now the broker-owner of Platinum Living Realty, a premier agency of about 100 high-performing real estate agents in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The ROI is Real, But Not Instant

ROI Real Estate

Jay got phenomenal results in his first year (800% ROI). Agents who report a high return from their publication right away, like Jay, begin their campaign with well-cultivated brand and plenty of “For Sale” signs already around the neighborhood. Farming with a hyper-local publication will work for almost any agent in almost any market, but if the agent isn’t already a familiar face, results will not come instantly.

On average, our clients report about 150% ROI after twelve months. Agents who are new to the business may only hit break-even by that time, while agents who are already a well-known name and face will see more than 150% initial ROI. After two years, average reported ROI reaches 200-400% (or even higher, depending on home prices, vendor support, etc).

For an agent with a limited market presence, Discover can customize a ramp-up plan tailored to nearly any budget. Especially newer agents – but also every agent – should look at farming as a long-range strategy rather than a get-listings-quick campaign.

What does that mean? The agent should pick a farming budget that’s affordable today – with or without vendor support – based on their current level of business. It’s better to expand farming as new listings are generated rather than contract marketing if new listings aren’t generated fast enough. Many of our most successful clients today were fairly new to real estate when they began working with us; after years of consistent farming, they rose in the ranks and are now in among the most successful in the country.

Hyper-Local and Hyper-Easy

Postcards are inexpensive and easy, but if that’s the only kind of farming an agent does, the results are lackluster. Discover’s publications are customized to the agent and contain hyper-local content, creating a buzz and celebrity around an agent’s brand. Homeowners are much more likely to set aside a mini-newspaper with an article about the housing market than they are to save a postcard or mass-mailed letter [3d-flip-book mode=”link-lightbox” id=”13941″ title=”false” template=”short-white-book-view” lightbox=”light”](see a sample)[/3d-flip-book].

Discover’s busy agents are able to produce these hyper-local publications month after month because Discover does all the work. From design to writing market updates to putting together local event listings and housing market stats to printing and mailing, Discover does it all.


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