I track actual sales from the paper over spend. I get 4 to 5 times ROI per issue.”

Dave heads up Dave Friedman Real Estate, one of the top teams in the Charleston, South Carolina area
• Dave was voted 2014 Best Realtor in Charleston
• Dave and his team have consistently ranked in the top 1% worldwide

The Problem:

Dave Friedman Real Estate was aggressively trying to expand in 2015.
Dave was already a top performer; he had been voted Best Realtor in Charleston the previous year and has ranked in the top 1% worldwide most of his career. He was trying to move from market share to market domination, and was frustrated with the results of his marketing.

Prior to farming with a Discover publication, Dave’s team marketed with:

  • An online presence
  • Facebook advertising
  • Radio ads on 3 stations
  • Direct outreach to expired listings and FSBOs
  • Door knocking

This strategy was effective at gaining traction and establishing the foundation of a successful business. While most of these tools were generating some leads, Dave faced the following issues while trying to expand:

  1. His existing marketing wasn’t helping him expand fast enough to hit his goals.
  2. Some of his marketing was losing money (negative ROI).
  3. He was using the same marketing approaches as other agents.

Dave was looking for a way to farm a large geographic area for listings, and needed a unique tool with a proven track record — one that was not being used by the competition.

The Solution:

Like most top producers, he sought the advice of a real estate coach who recommended he begin farming with an exclusive, custom Discover publication.

These are the actions Dave took in order to meet his aggressive growth goals:

  • Creating a custom Discover publication and mailing to over 12,000 homes every 60 days
  • Improving lead capture and conversion processes, which helps turn leads from The Mount Pleasant Press into listings
  • Holding his team accountable to set a minimum of 3 listing appointments per week
  • Publishing a call-to-action for the reader to go  online for a free home value report
  • Including non-profit organizations in his paper, which drives awareness and resources to charitable causes while providing local content for the publication

Like most top producers, he took the advice of a real estate coach who recommended he begin farming with an exclusive, custom Discover Publication.

The results:

Click to learn how Dave tracks leads to their sources and how by the sixth edition of his custom publication, his ROI climbed to between 400% – 500%.


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