Remember the “big book of listings?”

How about faxing spec sheets to prospective buyers. Single page summaries with one grainy photo and a lot of numbers were all you had. Well, those days are gone for good. New rounds of technology, specifically 3D and drones, are revamping the industry. I’d like to highlight two of the latest innovations that seem to be gaining ground with every passing month.


Drones give you valuable (possibly never seen before) views of the home and surroundings in crystal clear HD video fly-bys. Once only the realm of the adventurous and ambitious early adopters, new regulations have come about to set rules to standardize drone flight rules, operator qualifications, and fair commercial use, while minimizing risks to other aircraft as well as grounded people and property.

These regulations allow new companies to start; and current ones to continue, without fear of costly future unknown governmental intervention. Rules clearly point out who can fly these drones; how and where they can be used.

New companies will help take Drone pictures mainstream, and increase competition. For the moment, drones are used mainly in higher price point neighborhoods, but this could change quickly if costs decrease.

Drones capture footage that was once only possible with helicopters or planes, at a fraction of the cost. Videos created with drone film can be professionally edited to create a dynamic showcase of a property, from a single lot in the city, to an entire estate.

Professional videos add the ‘wow’ factor to listings, impressing prospective sellers and buyers alike.  This positions you on the leading edge of listings. If owning a drone and learning to use it seems out of reach, search in your area for a company that can handle the logistics while you just pay for the finished product.

3D Technology walk-throughs:

Just a few years ago, having 50 pictures online of a property seemed like enough.

(Or even a nifty slideshow, fading from one picture to the next…)

But new technology is letting buyers virtually “walk-through” a property with just a few clicks of a mouse, or swipes on a smartphone. Not just from their own sofa, but from any sofa anywhere in the world.

This new and unique home display has many benefits for your clients.

The visuals are impressive. They deliver never seen before views. Total 360 degree looks that eclipse and run circles around static pictures. This technology not only shows the property spectacularly, but also shows you to be a cutting edge agent who “gets it.” Remember, millennials are coming, and they like their technology.

The camera is placed at various points throughout the property, where it captures a 3D, 360 degree pictures that are seamlessly combined together to form an entire interactive map of each structure. It looks a bit like a dollhouse with exposed sides that can be rotated and flipped in any direction. The effect is an astonishingly real view of the house and it’s contents. It gives the feeling of standing in the house and looking left, right, up or down; a visceral view of the property that rivals, and in ways eclipses, actually being there.

The 3D camera can provide a competitive advantage and a true differentiation of your marketing plan from other agents in your area. The process is still costly, so like drones, it may be confined to the realm of higher priced listings for the near future. But we all know that technology is never static and as more competitors join the field, prices may very well decrease over time.

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