Is direct mail marketing still kicking even in 2017?

We get asked all the time – is direct mail marketing working, now, in 2017? The answer is a resounding yes. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), direct mail is still alive and well. More than that, it is still preferred by consumers, especially the head-of-the-house, purchase-decision-makers. The DMA reports in a 2016 survey that direct mail is seven times more effective than all digital mediums combined. Even young millennial adults, who are giving the word “social” an entirely new meaning through social media and content marketing, say that they are most responsive to direct mail when it comes to making a purchase. This response comes from the ability to see it, touch it, read it, share it, and come back to it it when the time comes for a purchase.

Positive response also stems from the “human-ness” of direct mail. Over 70-percent of Americans surveyed by the DMA stated that mail is more personal than the Internet, and because the audience can better recognize a brand when it speaks to them “off-line” as well as online, it creates a stronger presence.

We use an integrated approach in our own marketing, and so can you!

Here are some of our suggestions for optimizing direct mail marketing in your campaign this year.

1. Integrate

Use your social media to research and communicate with your target audience. By integrating all marketing platforms (both digital & print), you will be able to build a strong brand identity. Begin with social media and email automation campaigns to build awareness and track who is interested in your service or product. If you are lucky enough to have your target ZIP codes available, you can purchase a multi-channel marketing package at Discover Publications to have this is handled for you. By dialing in on your audience, communicating with them, and allowing them to access information through website clicks, etc., they will develop a positive customer relationship. Strengthen your digital touch points with print marketing that is worth sharing. Create a more personal and unique experience for your audience with relevant content, not just promotional marketing. Many Agents use market stats, newsletters, and of course custom publications to achieve this. A bonus: you can promote your social media profiles with a call to action on your mailing, and track the effectiveness of your print campaign by seeing a (hopeful) rise in online activity post-print and mail.

2. Consistency

How serious would you take a company if they mailed you one brochure, one time? It’s unlikely that you would call them the next time you need a service they offer, right? Right. Consistent marketing through all platforms both direct and digital is the key to a brand’s survival. It allows a company to create a recognizable and memorable image, and a relationship with their target audience. Staying consistent with direct mail marketing is a challenge, but as with most challenges, the benefits will be great. Consistently mailing (whether it be weekly or monthly) to your audience is a must. Create a calendar and segment your audience into groups, then constantly mail your advertising. Because you’ve segmented your audience, you will continuously reach your prospects without being overpowering. This creates brand recognition, eliminates confusion (didn’t this company send me a brochure once?), and cues purchase decision-making.

3. Get out there and get started!

Shelby Nicholson |

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