We often get asked, “what exactly goes inside my custom publication?”

This post is designed to answer this question in more detail than you might see on the website, but keep in mind our friendly Discover-ers are just a phone call away to dive as deep into the details as you wish. Check out our video above and read on to find out more.

The goal of a Discover custom pub is to drive leads to your desk.

It is designed to brand you as an expert and help you build loyalty in the community. For many of our clients, it serves as the backbone of their direct mail marketing and also integrates seamlessly with their web, email, and social marketing.

We have designed the product and process to be unbelievably simple.

We thoughtfully select and produce all the content with your image and your reader’s interest in mind (including custom-written articles just for you). In addition to providing, designing, and placing all of the content, we take care of the mailing lists, printing, sorting, labeling, and mailing.

Here’s what we put in to your paper each month:

  • Two full custom-written articles
  • Call for Listings below the front page article, aka “Buyers Box”
  • Your local market stats
  • “Ask the Agent” article in your name
  • Your “featured listing” spread custom designed
  • Your choice between a puzzle page or coloring contest
  • Wolgang Puck recipe
  • One article each on fitness, travel, and lifestyle
  • 3-4 real estate related articles
  • 5 custom designed calls to action (featuring you, your photo, your websites, etc)

What do you need to provide?

After we get your first issue done, all we need are updated listings and your choice of coloring contest or puzzles. Sometimes, we need you to pull sold stats if we can’t get the data ourselves. Once we complete the paper, you simply review and approve and within days it is mailed out to thousands of happy home-sellers. A Discover publication is a custom 12-page direct mail powerhouse and the beauty of it is that it is so, so simple to publish.

We hope you find this information helpful. Please visit “How it Works” and let us know if you would like to further explore the benefits of a Discover custom publication.


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