Episode 1: “The Real Estate Man with No Marketing Plan”

Tune in to Discover Publication’s founder Leo Zupan’s “War Story.” In this debut episode he talks about a big-ticket client with a haphazard marketing approach. Our takeaway from the story? Consistency is key to a successful marketing program, especially B2C, especially in real estate, and most especially with direct mail.

The challenging thing about marketing in the real estate industry is that homeowners are only ready to sell their homes every 3, 5, maybe 15 years, depending on turnover in the area. And to make matters worse, when that magical time comes, an agent has about five minutes to win the listing before it’s gone. The most successful agents we’ve encountered understand that they need to be in that prospect’s head months, perhaps years, before they are ready to sell if they have a fighting chance of getting a contract. That’s why they mail consistently to their farm month after month, and why they tend to get more leads in the later years than in the early month.

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