The Power of Staging

Are you ever face to face in a Wild West standoff with your competition? Of course not, but it probably feels that way sometimes. We know it’s important to continually work to get a leg up. One powerful and often overlooked way to do this is through making staging a part of your process (not just a … Read more about The Power of Staging

follow-up to turn your leads into loyal clients

Follow-up can mean the difference between fleeting and lasting relationships In business, as with life, building relationships with care, understanding and respect can yield immeasurable benefits. Follow-up is an integral part of relationship building. It’s the shout-out, the “what’s up,” the “I’m … Read more about follow-up to turn your leads into loyal clients

Measure Your Marketing ROI

Stop! It’s not the right time to look at your marketing ROI Let us explain when it actually makes sense to measure ROI, and how to find your break-even point As the economy continues to bustle, we’re seeing an influx of new agents and a resurgence of effort from existing agents. With so many … Read more about Measure Your Marketing ROI

Visual Content Strategy

Have you heard of Visual Content Strategy, or multi-platform content sharing?  Let us explain this integrative strategy and how to implement it in your marketing next month.    The point of visual content strategy is to gain as much traction and interaction with one piece of content as possible … Read more about Visual Content Strategy

Communicating With Different Generations of Homebuyers

How to refine your message for different generations of homebuyers It seems that Millennials and Gen X’ers can’t wait to get their hands on the latest gadgetry. Their older counterparts, on the other hand, prefer something more tangible. This is not to suggest that people under 40 are antisocial … Read more about Communicating With Different Generations of Homebuyers

Designing and Writing for Today’s Technology

From the Right Side of Your Brain "asdf jkl;,” The refrain from typing teachers everywhere in the ‘80s, mixed with the clack of electric typewriters banging away, and the DING as you reached the end of the carriage return, are familiar sounds to most Gen Xers (and older. Millennials, you are … Read more about Designing and Writing for Today’s Technology

Dale Ross

The Problem: Traditional real estate marketing tactics weren't providing adequate Return on Investment. The Solution: 12-page customized direct mail publications Read Dale Ross' case study and learn how Discover Publications helped him get more leads and achieve 10x ROI. … Read more about Dale Ross